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Whether you have flower beds or a vegetable garden, mulch is a necessity. Mulch has a wide range of benefits and will ensure that your plants get plenty of water and nutrients. Trust Affordable Landscaping, LLC to handle your mulch bed installation in Lexington, KY. We can customize the bed to fit your specific needs, as well as plant flowers and other decorative plants. We also offer mulch bed replacements to ensure that you always have fresh mulch.

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Benefits of mulch

Benefits of mulch

Getting a mulch bed installation can be a great investment for your landscape. We recommend this service because:

  • Mulch prevents weed growth.
  • Mulch can reduce water loss.
  • Mulch helps insulate plants.

Rely on us if you ever need mulch bed replacements down the line. To learn more about the advantages of mulch, call us today at 859-402-4044.